Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #21

Issue #21, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 21 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Nights Campaign Design 'zine was published in January 2008.

I continued with the Savage Worlds Changling: The Dreaming project, presented an Actual Play of a Savage Mathemancy game, a podcast that talks about one-on-one gaming and the quote of the month that lead to this blog.

The game notes contained some interesting links, the following which still work: How to Run Changeling: The Dreaming and a Changeling: The Dreaming Resource page, a great GM tool TenFoot Wiki, Godzilla Gaming Podcast, Episode 8 (one-on-one gaming covered at 29 minutes to 56 minutes), and the Mathemancy inspiration Zauberpunk! (Steve Jackson Games Pyramid Magazine).

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