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[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 2, Part 1

Session Two: Part 1: "If I Had $1,000,000" (March 28, 2104)

Important People: James (S), Bill (X), Bob (E), Alexis (C), Robbie the PolRob, Vault Robot.

With two failures to attempt to get the Vault Robot to stand down, James enters the foyer to confront the Robot a third time, this time in RAA military uniform and using his own issued Sodium/5 Military Key Card. The Robot warns James that this is the third time he has entered the vault foyer, each time with a different Key Card, and this is highly suspicious. The Robot orders James to exit the foyer within three warnings or the Robot will open fire.

James tries to exit the foyer but the door will not open. The Robot warns James a second time to exit or it will fire. Obviously concerned, James tries to contact the Group through the security camera in the foyer but the Group is unable to open the door from the outside. The Robot warns James a third time to exit or it will open fire. At that point, from the point of view of those watching at the Security Station, the lights flutter, the computer screens and security screens blink, and darkness falls in the vault foyer as automatic weapons fire and screaming is heard from over the security camera.

Believing that James has been attacked, the other members of the team work quickly to open the vault foyer's door. When they try to contact the rest of the Uni Survivors, they find out that the power plant is on the blink and that there are other problems. Contacting Supply, they request a drill or saw to open the door, but Supply is busy and can't get someone to bring the equipment for a while - the possibility of loosing power is very bad and that is their main concern.

With no view of the foyer through the security camera, Alexis goes to the vault door and tries her key card. The door opens and James steps out. The security camera in the vault then begins to work again, giving a clear view of the vault foyer.

After conferring with the Group, James says that the Robot didn't open fire on him. It ordered him to sit down and James refused and remained by the door. The Robot approached James and tried to do something but he doesn't know what. Then it walked back to its place.

The Group, by consensus, believes that someone is fucking with them.

Alexis decides to try the Robot (n). She gets a RAA uniform and using her own Sodium/5 Military Key Card, she enters the vault and tells the Robot to stand down. The Robot complies and requests whether it needs to keep guarding the vaults. Alexis says that the vaults no longer require the Robot to guard. The Robot steps out into the hallway and powers down to "sleep" mode.

Alexis spends some time looking about the vault foyer, in several filing cabinets are documents for the contents of the vaults, but most of them deal with only one of the vaults which contains safety deposit boxes. Bob enters the vault foyer, passing the Robot by displaying his own Sodium/5 Military Key Card and saying that he is going to check the electrical system in the vault. The Robot says "Carry on" and powers down to "sleep" mode.

Alexis enters the three vaults while Bob searches the main desk in the vault foyer. On the desk is a computer and peripherals and Bob finds an Uzi on a quick release clip under the desk as well as a clip board with the vault access codes in a desk drawer.

Bob examines the security camera in the vault foyer and tries to get the reflective dome off of it. James and Bill are in the security station and suddenly an alarm sounds. Bob's attempt to remove the security camera reflective dome brings the security system on active and a joystick controller pops up on the console in front of James. On his monitor, James sees crosshairs suddenly appear on Bob with a request for automated fire or manual and a countdown to automatic fire. James chooses manual and, using the overhead speaker system, tells Bob to stop. Bob comes back to the Security Station and finds out how close he was to having the automated security laser fire at him at close range.

The Group figures out that each security camera has a laser coaxed to it, allowing the security stations and main bunker computer to observe as well as attack. The Group is surprised that no one told them this and guess that no one actually knew about it. Looking around the hallways as well as several rooms, they discover that each security camera is within sight of another security camera.

James, Bill and Bob reenter the vault foyer and meet up with Alexis. With the vault security codes as well as the Blue/3 Civilian Key Card, they open the three vaults and check out the contents.

In the first two vaults contain a whole bunch of safety deposit boxes, containing wills, stocks and bonds, insurance policies and some jewelry. The Group doesn't spend much time looking through the stuff.

The last vault contains a treasury of Australian money. About A$50 million or more in Australian currency, including over 50,000 A$200 gold "Koala" coins; over 100,000 A$100 gold coins; over 5 million A$1 silver coins; and over 10 million A$0.50 silver coins. James takes one of the A$200 gold "Koala" coins as a keepsake.

Also in the vault was a big box, which when opened contained two important finds.

First, what appeared to be a Key Card manufacturing machine, with blank cards and civilian color inserts for Civilian Key Cards (but no metal inserts for Military Key Cards). And second, four security envelopes, each with one of Group B's names on it in neat handwriting.

James Stenbeck: contained a Silver/2 Military Key Card issued to James Stenbeck and a note "Main Uni Reactor, Physics Building, Start up sequence at strtupseqnce.doc on the Anderson Stuart mainframe computer"

Bill Farnum: contained a Silver/2 Military Key Card issued to Bob Dawson and a note "Fisher Library, Cray-HS"

Bob Dawson: contained a Cobalt/4 Military Key Card issued to Bill Farnum and a note "Dr. W. J. Smithson, Plague Research, Breakthru?, Biochemistry, 3 PolRobs"

Alexis Pratt: contained a Silver/2 Military Key Card issued to Alexis Pratt and a note "Carslaw Building. Security Code: Transmit-Chocolate-Novel-Eight-Five-Niner-Jacket"

The Group, by consensus again, believes that someone is fucking with them, again.

End of Part 1


  1. This is the weirdest thing I've read in a while. Reminds me of Paranoia.

  2. Yeah, it was a bit weird for the players, too.

    "How did that happen?"


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