Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[Magic Items] Shadow, the Daleland's Bardic Sword

I wrote this weapon up for my Savage Worlds multi-verse mixed-up Forgotten Realms campaign where it was used to good effect.

Shadow, The Daleland's Bardic Sword is a simple longsword of local forging. The first owner was a bard who loved the Dales so much he had it enchanted with knowledge of the Dalelands (Knowledge Dalelands, uses owners Smarts attribute +3). The sword actually speaks out loud (very talkative) with a precise British accent, even in the middle of battle (a minor distraction). The sword has a base enchantment (+0 Fighting) that will operate against creatures that can only be struck by magic weapons, but it works best while in the Dalelands themselves (+1 Fighting).

Longsword (base $300)
+0 Fighting ($200)
+1 Fighting, limited to Dalelands ($1000 x 50%)
Skill: Knowledge Forgotten Realms, limited to Dalelands (owners Smarts) +3, talkative ($3000 x 50% x 50%)

Total $1750

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