Monday, October 4, 2010

[Blogs] Ranked 106th!

From a post dated September 15th over at Cyclopeatron, the Asshat Paladin blog ranked 106th, with 34 followers (tied to malevolent & benign, a fine blog - though spotty of late - with a bunch of neat stuff, like this and this).

Which led to the an obvious problem - If I follow him, I lose my 106th but if I don't and tell people about him, I still lose my place. Aaarrrggghhhh!

My desire for cool blogs outweighed my own self-interest and of course I followed malevolent & benign. So should you.


  1. dude your altruism is amazing! how are you ever going to WIN!?!?

  2. How can I win?!?!

    By crushing you all! This isn't some popularity contest (I secretly think that, despite all claims to the contrary, James Maliszewski over at Grognardia still cries at night, miserable that 666 people follow him, leading to greater and greater pressure to perform and feeling like a fraud in front of millions each day), oh, no.

    My plan is more subtle and invasive. Rest assured, you will all bow to me as I rise above you in my supreme super-powered battlesuit as the very Earth around you cries out in horror and despair, trembling at my mighty blog posts, posts that shake the very foundations of the Universe!

    Oh, wait, you mentioned something about altruism, didn't you?

  3. I think you are safe. I just added you to blogs I am following. Based on the above I took a peek at Malevolent and Benign. However, since he has not posted any tning new since April 1, 2010 he will not be added to my list. This leaves you at +1.


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