Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Auld Lang 'Zine] 1001+1 Nights, Issue #19

Issue #19, One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine

Issue no. 19 of One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Campaign Design 'zine was published in December 2007.

No. 19 featured a mix of different things to create a modern weird campaign, including the lost android of Philip K. Dick, a box of Hitler's cigars, and a 2000 year-old sword. Also I review a book called the Bloody Benders, about a family of murderers in the 1800s.

Most of the links still work, including Rick Geary's Bloody Benders, as well as the wikipedia article, Godzilla Gaming Podcast, Goblinoid Games (makers of Labyrinth Lord), and a bunch of other wikipedia articles: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Philip K. Dick and th Sword of Gou Jian.

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