Thursday, October 7, 2010

[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus: The First Session, Part 2

Session One: Part 2: "Land of Canaan" (March 28, 2104)

Important People: James (S), Bill (C), Bob (E), Alexis (C)

Important NPCs: Miles Dayton, Rich Johnson, Amanda Hayes, John Ritter, Robbie the PolRob, Capt. Adele Droblas, Matt Borselli, Ph.D. Physics, Unknown Robot.

Group B spends the first week in training with Group A to become familiar with their weapons and armor, and then they are all fully deployed.

The first actual project dropped in Group B's lap is a security vault on the first floor of the Anderson Stuart bunker where an Unknown (possibly military) Robot is guarding a set of three big vaults. The Council doesn't know what is there and, figuring that it may contain important equipment for it to be guarded by the Robot, wants the contents intact. Group B is warned that they should avoid explosives because of possible damage to the vault contents.

Group B is shown to the First Level Security Station, where they can observe the Robot over the security cameras in the foyer and the vaults. Observing the Robot, they find out that it mainly stays in the vault foyer and regularly, but erratically, patrols the three vaults. They also learn that there are several different types of robots around. Anderson Stuart has control of several dozens of Police Robots (PolRobs) and Security Robots (SecRobs), but, while this Robot is similar to PolRobs and SecRobs, it is also different and it is wearing military combat armor. Hence, it could be a military grade robot. They are also told that no one has tried to enter the vaults or attempted to talk with the Robot.

Bill and Bob talk about various ways of blowing up the Robot, which both James and Alexis nix, reminding them both to avoid explosives. Alexis determines, by observing the Robot patrol, that the Robot is probably an AI. Bill decides to build a radio signal jammer in case the Robot is in radio contact with the UDC. He contacts Matt in Supply and gathers the necessary parts to build the device, spending several hours working on it. James enters the vault foyer for the first time and displays their one Blue/3 Civilian Key Card. The Robot tells him that he has three verbal warnings to exit before the Robot will open fire. James leaves the foyer before the third verbal warning.

They figure that with combat or explosives out, electricity may be the answer. They seek a way to shut off the electricity, but, unfortunately, the vaults are on a dedicated line. Alexis checks the electricity usage on the computer and tries to figure when the Robot will power down. It seems the Robot recharges every 12 months and the last time it did was 2 months ago. Another dead-end. Alexis gets Captain Droblas to give her military computer authorization to connect to the UDC. Captain Droblas grants each of the team Sodium/5 Military Key Card access and gets them the appropriate Key Cards. Alexis then tries to get control of the Robot but only succeeds in running several diagnostic programs that do not further their plans.

Meanwhile, Bill has returned from Supply with his jammer built and, in the process, procures a very battered PolRob that the team dubs Robbie. Alexis is still booted into the UDC mainframe but is still limited to what she can do. In the hallway, Bob is trying to figure out the power routings.

Group B then decides to try to use military structure to order the Robot to stand down. James dresses in RAA military uniform and enters the vault foyer a second time. The Robot asks for proper authorization and James uses Captain Droblas' Cobalt/4 Military Key Card. The Robot identifies James but notes that the Military Key Card he is displaying belongs to someone else. The Robot refuses to stand down and orders James to exit or it will open fire.

James calls Captain Droblas and tries to get the Captain to go into the room with her Key Card but the Captain is busy and says, "Have you done as much as you can? First, do as much as you can on your part before calling me in. Don't waste my time."

End Session One.

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