Friday, October 29, 2010

[My Collection] True20 and Blue Rose

I love Green Ronin and True20. It first appeared as the OGL engine in Blue Rose and then got it's own series of books.

It turns out that (amazingly) all you need is a D20. All rolls use one die type. And it works pretty well.

So I started collecting it. I have Blue Rose and the two supplements and picked up most of the True20 books. I've been very satisfied with them (though for some strange reason, people have trouble with the magic deer in Blue Rose - I'm not going to argue the point, though it seems silly to me as it is no more an issue than elves dropping fireballs on people).

There are three reviews on (1, 2, 3) plus the revised edition (4) and five of the supplements (5, 6, 7, 8, 9). And six Blue Rose reviews (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15).


  1. I am quite a big fan of Blue Rose myself.

  2. If I can find a copy, i'll be interested to see what all the controversy was about.

  3. Like I said, some people hated the magic deer. They felt the magic deer prevented heroic action.

    Secondly, some people felt the setting was some sort of radical liberal quasi-modern/politically correct fantasy setting.

    Finally, some people felt the portrayal of gay heroes was too sickly sweet or too politically correct (see 2nd reason).

    *shrugs* I just didn't see any of that. It's all fantasy - It's no more different than a setting that has elves, fireballs and evil monsters.

  4. Well. I picked up a copy.

    I'm quite enjoying the artwork, but having a bit of a struggle with the ruleset, as it seems (from my cursory reading) rather derivative. It it the setting that is innovative?

  5. I like the setting myself.
    Though I have mixed in a lot of Ravenloft and have been calling it "Black Rose"


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