Thursday, August 12, 2010

[My Collection] The Morrow Project

I first heard of The Morrow Project in early 1981. A local mail order game company had it listed in their catalog and I managed to track it down at a convention. Produced by Timeline Limited (which has gone through several iterations/owners), you can still purchase half of the ten original modules as well as the two most recent ones.

While the system leaves something to be desired (initially starting as a non-skill system that later had percentile skills added), the background and concept were top notch.

Unfortunately, has no reviews on it but you can find lots of info at the Supply Bunker. There are a few blogs (1, 2) on the subject, too, but I'm sure you can find more.

A 4th edition is currently in the works but whether that actually sees the light of day will remain for the fates to decide.

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