Friday, August 6, 2010

[My Collection] Lace & Steel

The Australian Games Group (TAGG) published Lace and Steel in 1989. Pharos Press did a 2nd edition in 1998. A single supplement, Castle Keitel, was published in the early 1990s for the 1st edition with another supplement planned called The Highwayman.

I picked up the 1st edition and supplement soon after it came out, both costing a pretty penny at MSRP (though I don't know what they were I remember them being expensive for my budget). I found the Pharos 2nd edition in a Half Price Books a few years ago, sans cards.

What got me interested in this game was the art by Donna Barr. Centaurs and satyrs in an Elizabethan England-type setting. Part of the action to create characters involves using a tarot deck and other card decks are used for repartee and fencing.

Unfortunately, has but a single review (1).


  1. I have a different copy of L&S, with a female fencer sitting down somewhat provocatively, and definitely drawn by someone other than Donna.

    I corresponded with the author a bit, but he had put the game behind him by then.

    I like the world, and the basic system, but found its component sub-systems to be ill-fitting.

  2. That's the 2nd edition you have, by Pharos Press. I think it came with cards (The copy of the 2nd edition I got from Half Price Books didn't have the cards)?

    Yeah, Paul Kidd is now a SF/Fantasy Author.

    The Highwayman never came out, though it was planned. Whether that means it was completed but never published (and may be out there somewhere on someone's computer, waiting, waiting) or just in the planning, we'll probably never know.

  3. i actually just bought an old 1rst edition box set used with the castle keitel in it but that was wrecked and unusable and i just read the rest its fantastic looking i want to run it

    anyone got a copy of castle keitel they can shoot me that isnt water and pet damaged?

    raestuart at hotmail dot com


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