Sunday, July 18, 2010

[Resources] Platform 9 and 3 quarters

Above is a picture of Platform 9 and 3 quarters in King's Cross Station, London. Now, if you're running a Harry Potter game, there are plenty of great internet resources for that sort of game. But King's Cross isn't only for that genre.

First opened in 1852, the station has grown over the years, with over 28 million entrants/exits in 2009 alone. It's located in North London, in the Borough of Camden. It operates as the southern terminus of the East Coast Main Line.

According to folklore, it's either the burial site of Boudica (either Platform 8, 9 or 10) or the location of her final battle. The station itself was constructed on the site of a smallpox hospital. Six people were injured in September 1973 when a booking hall was the target of an IRA bomb attack. In 1987, a fire in the King's Cross St. Pancras Underground station killed 31 people. The station is currently undergoing a £500 million restoration, with an expected completion of 2012.

With those items in mind, who couldn't come up with bits for an adventure in a campaign set from the Victorian to modern genres?

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