Thursday, July 15, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: The Yellow Cabs

The Yellow Cabs: The Quick Response Ambulance and Freight Service (Free Company).

Location: The Northern D.C. Metro Bus Garage. Bounded by Decator St NW in the north and Buchanan St NW in the south, between 14th St NW to Arkansas Ave NW and Iowa Ave NW.

Population: 20
Military Strength: 10
Military Resources: several civilian yellow cabs, one ambulance with some medical supplies, and a large still that provides an excellent vehicle alcohol. Mostly small arms and hand weapons.

Treaties: None.

Enemies: Many.

Resources: An excellent still, a selection of automobile parts and a good machine shop.

Trade: The cabbies provide transport for any who need it and can pay the price. They'll accept most items for trade, preferring gasoline, auto parts, weapons and ammunition, and food, but will bargain for other trade goods.

General Reaction: -0-

Background: Started a dozen or two years ago, after the leader, an old D.C. cabbie, managed to get a few cabs running. They've avoided the usual problems with Free Companies, mainly getting killed for acting stupid, but haven't really made a big score. Some of the younger members of the crew are starting to get ideas that could cause some trouble.

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