Thursday, July 22, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: The Movie House

The Movie House (Free Company)

Location: Hollywood Theatre, Greenbelt, MD. The Corner of Rhode Island Ave and Hollywood Rd.

Population: 17
Military Strength: 5
Military Resources: An old M60 machine gun and some small arms, mostly deer rifles and shotguns.

Treaties: None but many local communities provide "unofficial" protection as they are the only movie theatre still operating in the District.

Enemies: None.

Resources: A large variety of films, raided from film distributorship warehouses after the Ruin.

Trade: Shows twice daily, 12PM and 5PM. They'll accept most trade items for a show, preferring fuel and parts for their generators, ammunition, food and any old films, whatever format. They require patrons to surrender all firearms at ticket purchase time (don't worry, the guns are returned to the patron as they exit).

General Reaction: +5

Background: During the dark times, several employees of the theatre, and their families, took refuge in the building - it fit them all, was fairly defensible and, with a stable of films to watch, very entertaining. Finding the large emergency generator in the basement and getting it working again led to the reopening of the only theatre in town.


  1. Nice! I used to be a theater manager. Our theater actually had an apartment in it for "transient managers."

    I'm reminded of that wonderful scene in "The Postman" of all the Holnists sitting entranced and watching "The Sound of Music." :)

  2. Part of the inspiration was "A Boy and His Dog." At an early part in the movie, Blood and Vic go to the movies, trading cans of peaches to see the flick.


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