Friday, July 23, 2010

[Labyrinth Lord] Dungeoneering on the Cheap: An Ashford Valley Adventure

I published this one in March to announce an issue of my Switching to Guns 'zine and think it's a good adventure with an opportunity for the GM to really torture his players.

Dungeoneering on the Cheap: A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Labyrinth Lord adventure set in the Ashford Valley.

Get Ready:
While in town, the PCs hear about a "safe" dungeon that is all the rage of the young, rich set (and those following the young and rich). Tracking down the info leads them to a warehouse where, for a steep price, a group of "adventurers" are let loose in a maze with soft weapons to "fight monsters" and avoid "deadly" traps. A rich and spoiled noble hires the PCs to go into the maze with him and his friends, unaware that the maze will suddenly turn deadly.

Get Set:
An aspiring merchant/minor noble named Charles deLaunce has built a new playground for the rich and noble. He has converted a warehouse a "dungeon" for his wealthy patrons to "explore" with thier companions. The "adventurers" wander about a maze, meet several "monsters" and fight them, find wine and cheap trinkets for treasure and have a rollicking good time. At over 100 gold per person entrance fee (renting "equipment" for the exploration is another 100 gold), its out of bounds for most people, thereby keeping the riff-raff out.

Unfortunately, tonight the dungeon will become deadly. A stupid noble's son is going there with his friends. The stupid noble has enemies. And they're going to make a grab for the son, killing anyone who gets in their way. Will the PCs, who've survived real dungeons, meet their fate in a fake one?

Where the PCs start the adventure.
The PCs are relaxing in a tavern in town (can be any of the towns in the Ashford Valley, but Ashford or Clifton are the most likely spots) and they hear news about a new playground of the rich and noble. It's nearby and always has a crowd outside during business hours (6PM to Midnight).

If the part shows up to see the spectacle, a foppish noble walks up to them and starts talking. He and his friends are interested in trying out the adventure but want some more sport. They'll pay for the experience (including the entrance and rental fees). While the evening promised to maybe be amusing (or perhaps the PCs will be the ones made fun of), the job is lucrative and most should be able to swallow their pride enough for the cash.

If the party doesn't seem interested in the set-up, the party of stupid, foolish nobles stops at the tavern to have a spot of drink. They'll be totally out of place but expect everyone to wait on them. One of them will point out "real adventuerers" to the others and they'll join the PCs (whether wanted or not). They'll buy a bunch of drinks and then one of them will have the bright idea to bring them along, for a price, of course.

When the party gets to the warehouse, it's pretty hopping. There is a band outside making a heck of a racket. The noble heads straight to the front door and without a moment passing, the whole crew of them is let in.

Each of the party is outfitted with a costume and "weapon." Make sure the PCs don't get their own class or race (have the elf be dressed in a dwarf costume with fake axe, the cleric becomes a halfling, the fighter is a thief, that sort of thing). Any real weapons are collected, even daggers and staves, and stored in the cloak room for the "safety of everyone" until after the adventure.

The weapons the party are given are stage weapons, not fit for a real fight and padded to avoid inflicting damage. The padding can be removed but the weapons are still poor, doing 1d2 damage per hit and if any of them do 2 points of damage twice in a row, it breaks!

The warehouse is a maze, with canvas partition walls painted to look like stones. The "players" move from room to room, meeting various hazards - a "giant spider" (a large stuffed doll operated from above), some "orcs" and a "minotaur" (a large man in a costume). There are "treasure" chests containing cheap trinkets and booze for the heroes to find.

During the night, a bunch of rough men will enter the warehouse from the rear door. They'll be dressed as some of the "orcs" and they'll find the noble's son (with the PCs) and try to grab him. One of the other fops will try to stop them and get stabbed, with real weapons and real blood. The PCs now have a problem!

Notable NPCs:
The stupid rich boys & girls (Warren, Spif, Tig, Walter, Julia, and Claire); No. Encountered: 6; Alignment: Neutral; Armor Class: 9; Hit Dice: 1d8; Hit Points: 4 each; Attacks: fist (1d2); Save: NM1; morale: 6; Special abilities: annoy PCs, scream a lot, get in the way.

The Rough Men (Kip the leader, Stick, Pistol, Nym, Max, Aft); No. Encountered: 6; Alignment: Neutral; Armor Class: 7; Hit Dice: 1d8; Hit Points: 4 each; Attacks: dagger (1d4), short sword (1d6); Save: NM1; morale: 8.

If the PCs manage to keep Warren safe, they'll be rewarded by his father (as well as the fathers of the others). This kidnapping could be a result of the Necromancer trying to put the squeeze on some of the nobles in the Valley. If any of the Rough Men survive (and escape), they'll show up later to bedevil the PCs, maybe in Poison's crew (from Extra #1).


  1. Such a great series of adventures!

  2. Thanks!

    If you run it, let me know. Send me your write-up on how well it went (or not) and I'll post it!


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