Friday, July 2, 2010

[How To Play] Savage Worlds, Part 2: Campaign Discussion

Charley and I got together for a second session. We had Charley's character, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Torpington, a young knight seeking adventure all ready to go. Before we started in on the game, I asked Charley what he'd like to see during the campaign. He said he wanted a steady stream of jousting, bandits in the forest, political intrigue, rival knights, captures and escapes, chaste Chivalric romances, and mysteries like castles full of ogres and witches in the fens.

We hammered out the following campaign: 16 sessions long, enough for Sir Nicholas to go from Novice to Legendary ranks. Eight sessions would involve jousting, with at least 6 being official tournament jousts. The official jousts would take place in Nottingham, Lincoln, York, Lancaster, Coventry, and end in London. This will give Sir Nick the opportunity to travel around the country in a spiral and see lots of different areas.

We figured that rival knights would be easy to develop in-play and that the other stuff, like bandits, intrigue and escapes, would fill out the rest of the sessions, as Sir Nick has to travel between the tournaments, encountering a myriad of dangers in the process.

With this campaign roughly outlined, we moved on to starting the game, giving me enough to start the adventures and Charley enough to know the theme of the game.

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