Thursday, July 29, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: Embassy Row

Embassy Row ("Dem Fer'ners", or "The Scotty's")

Location: Embassy Row, along Massachusetts Ave NW between Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway W and Scott Circle.

Population: 372 (divided between about 12 embassies)
Military Strength: 150
Military Resources: Most embassies have a variety of small arms (mostly SMGs) with plenty of ammunition, and small fleets of civilian vehicles. Maybe three or four have more extensive military hardware, up to and including one or two M60A3 Main Battle Tanks.

Treaties: Treaty Hospital. Other treaties dependent upon the embassy.

Enemies: Besides each other, there are a few communities out there that don't cotton to strangers.

Resources: Information about the condition of the rest of the world (through a variety of methods), foreign languages, defensible buildings and unknown stockpiles of food and equipment.

Trade: Most of the embassies spend their time scavanging in the District for their trade goods. What they may have on any particular day is up to the winds of fate.

General Reaction: -15 to +10, depending on embassy.

Background: Amazingly, most of Embassy Row survived the initial break-down. Close allies (like England and Australia) were provided a reasonable amount of military protection, while others were left to fend for themselves. After the collapse and into the dark years, things went bad for many of the embassies. They learned that as strangers in a strange and dangerous land, they should stick together, at least a little bit. They formed a United-Nations-of-sorts governing body but, since each adamantly retain their own sovereignty, it usually results in nothing being done except when the Row is faced with a physical threat. They've spent the last years arguing and sometimes fighting with each other but as soon as one is threatened by outside forces, they all band together. There are slightly more than a dozen embassies still in operation and they all have taken the statue of Winfield Scott in Scott Circle as their unifying symbol. Woe to any who attempt to deface the "Grand Old Man!"

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