Saturday, July 31, 2010

[Resources] The Game

A story in my local paper from a few years ago about a Game that went bad.

It started with a guy delivering an invitation to you at your home, then some brutes grab him and drag him off.

Soon, the players are in Las Vegas and off to solve the mystery, with clues dropped from a helicopter, found in a gun range, gained at a tattoo parlor, or seen on an electronic billboard.

It's a LARP with clues. And the players are competing with each other to see who can follow the clues to the end.

Unfortunately, one of them fell into a mine shaft and was severely injured, which is very sad.

But that's not why I brought this story up. From a game campaign POV, the guys who run The Game have it down. I can take the rough outline from the article and make a pretty cool modern spy game out of this.

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