Thursday, July 8, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: Patton's National Guard

Patton's National Guard ("The Patties")

Location: Andrews Airforce Base. Bounded by Allentown Road (State Route 337) and Suitland Parkway in the north and Old Alexandria Ferry Road and Woodyard Road (State Route 223) in the south, between Branch Avenue (State Route 5) to Woodyard Road (State Route 223).

Population: 2500
Military Strength: 750
Military Resources: 5 M60A3 Main Battle Tanks, 15 Huey Helicopter Gunships, 25 General Purpose Huey Helicopters. Plenty of aviation fuel and gasoline. Top-of-the-line military hardware and weapons.

Treaties: Treaty Hospital. Currently on friendly relations with the Pentagon but that may end soon.

Enemies: after tonight, maybe everyone!

Resources: Extensive military hardware, from airplane parts and fuel to MREs, uniforms and ammunition. The stockpiles in the base are well documented and accounted for, leading to years of useable equipment. Several successful Free Companies are based here that salvage all around the District.

Trade: Trade with other communities as dropped of lately and while some traders are allowed entrance to the base, the security is very tight. On the most recent occasions, several merchants were stripped of their goods and threatened with bodily harm and thrown out, with the claim that they were spies for the other communities. Only the most brave now try to trade with the base.

General Reaction: -10 (due to the paranoid leader)

Background: Made up of survivors from the various branches of the military on the other side of the Potomac, including police and federal marshals, and their families. Their leader really is named Patton who began the days after the war building a viable community. The loss of his family in New York as well as the city he loved descending into madness has lately unhinged his mind, leading to an isolationist policy when dealing with the rest of the city. What event could tip him over the edge into a full-on dictatorship?

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