Monday, January 24, 2011

[Blogs] Marchland

My friend Mark has written up his urban fantasy Savage Worlds campaign setting, Marchland, on his blog (You may remember this campaign from my earlier posts 1, 2 and 3). The campaign is set in the town of Brighton Bay, near Seattle, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest (you can get there by ferry).

So far he's got info on the town and surrounding geography (including 15 town locations written up, from the Town Hall to Fort Allard State Park and Froudian Slip pub to Pine Grove Cemetery, with the Public Market, St. Mary's Cathedral and the ODDitorium in between.

A heading for characters gives three excellent setting-specific examples, Revenants, Fae-Blooded and Grave Touched, along with Edges and Hindrances for Savage Worlds.

Mark explores the Fae in another section, creating Fae Boons and Scourges for PCs and NPCs, while his Spirits section does similarly for the ghostly, with Spirit Favors and Burdens.

The remaining three web pages outline Magic, the Otherworld, and a Bestiary.

There's good stuff here for an urban fantasy game, enough that I haven't fully read through it all. I suggest you check it out.

Hmmm. A thought comes to mind ... having a cross-city adventure, with Mark's Marchland and my Fae Portland (see Issue 1 and 11 of my Switching to Guns 'zine).

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  1. I dug that issue, the one with Fae Portland. Very cool stufff. :)


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