Thursday, January 6, 2011

[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 3, Part 2

Session Three: Part 2: "Is It Like Today?" (April 1, 2104)

Important PCs: James (S), Bill (X), Bob (E), Alexis (C)

Important NPCs: Miles Dayton, Rich Johnson, Amanda Hayes, John Ritter, Andy Smith, Reactor Controller at Anderson Stuart Bunker, Steve Miller, IT Lead at Anderson Stuart Bunker, Robbie the PolRob, Nasdaq the Robot, various SecRobs, and several Uni Council Members.

The Reactor is working perfectly, and is fully operational. Group A and Group B are ordered to return to Anderson Stuart for R&R and additionally are ordered not to mess with the Ethernet connections for the Physics Building - the Council will determine if the Trojan Horse program presents a threat. James, however, disconnects the Ethernet connections contrary to these orders while Miles looks on, definitely not disagreeing with James.

As they leave the Physics Building with the crazy but no longer operational PolRobs, the lights are on in all the buildings around the University campus. James wonders why they all don't go around and shut off the lights but the Groups head home.

End Session Three.

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