Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Blogs] A Character For Every Game
A Character For Every Game blog is an excellent resource for OSR fiends. Dyson, the blog writer, is full of great stuff, including character write-ups and (more importantly) maps!

Just check out the Dyson's Delve, a 11 level dungeon that is cool beyond cool. But he doesn't stop there - another is Atarin's Delve. And there's also Dodecahedron No. 1 and Peridane's Tomb!  Wait a sec, you can't swing a dead and disease-bearing polecat* around his blog without hitting at least 151 different cool things before breakfast.

In fact, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time reading my crap and go there now!

* Note: The author intends no insult to any dead and disease-bearing polecats out there or to those who love or have loved their own dead and disease-bearing polecat.


  1. Dyson is a stallion. I dig his blog.

  2. *takes a bow*

    Thanks man, I love how you cover so many games on your blog. General gaming blogs are what keep my interest in blogging. They remind me of the golden age of RPG magazines, when the magazines covered all the games instead of being house organs, and they point me towards new games or remind me of old games I haven't dusted off in ages.

  3. Christian: True. Why aren't you there?

    Dyson: Thanks. I'll continue doing what I'm doing if you continue with yours!


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