Sunday, January 30, 2011

[1938] The Isle of Man Campaign

File:Isle of Man map-en.svg
After a failed attempt by BUF forces to invade the Isle of Man in 1938, the remnants of the invasion force landed in Port St. Mary and quickly took the town. Soon, they found themselves under siege, with only the sea to receive resupply from Mosley.

The rest of the Isle is now in a protracted action against the entrenched fascist forces in Port St. Mary. In the midst of this scene, the PCs are native Manx islanders who have a vested interest in getting the BUF soldiery out of the port and off the island. Perhaps loved ones are in the town, or possibly they seek revenge against atrocities done, or even a treasure without compare is hidden in a basement. Each of the PCs will have some reason to get the fascists out of that town and off th isle.

Night actions, sea raids on Mosley supply ships, and using the re-armed British Mark V tank from the Castletown Great War Memorial to storm the trenches, all the while waging a espionage war with Royalist spies in Douglas, will keep the PCs very busy in this part of 1938: A Very British Civil War.


  1. Sounds great. Wish I was close enough to play.


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