Sunday, January 16, 2011

[1938] Setting Up the Campaign

File:NationaalArchief uboat155London.jpg
After reading through the six 1938: A Very British Civil War books I received before Christmas and checking out the Edward VIII Cocktail Bar forum (the official forums of the VBCW), I decided to prepare a Savage Worlds campaign.

The reference materials I'm going use are Savage Worlds Explorers Edition and Savage Worlds Weird War II (an excellent book that is close enough to the time period that it will work well) plus some of the stuff from Savage UNIT (edges, hindrances and such, even though it's considered modern era), as well as the six 1938: A Very British Civil War series books: Main Sourcebook (MS), The Gathering Storm, Part 1 (GS1), The Gathering Storm, Part 2 (GS2), The Fall of the Empire (FE), A Guide to the Anglican League (GAL), Factions, Flags and Formations, Volume 1 (FFF).

In addition to the campaign notes, I'll also be writing up some specific vehicles, weapons and such that I'll be using, some from the Great War and some from the 20s and 30s. But that's not all.

The single change in the setting material is that I'm going to nix the Spanish Civil War (though I'm going to include it in the "official" timeline I will post in over the next few 1938 posts). The reason I'm going to ignore it is that I think that having the main conflict in England, while the rest of the world uses it as they used the Spanish Civil War - as a cockpit to try out equipment and tactics and other stuff that was later used in WWII. So Franco and the rest of the Nationalist generals end up dead, killed by Spaniards loyal to the elected government of Spain, all within two or so weeks of the start. It becomes a short footnote in history, an attempted coup that failed utterly. So the International Brigades are going to be forming up and going to England instead. That will give plenty of  role-playing opportunities for my players.

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