Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[My Collection] Wyrd is Bond

Key20 is now out of business ( needs to update their info). Before they went under, I managed to pick up Wyrd is Bond.

The brief is rap, and rap singers, are able to tap into magic and do magical things. The world isn't quite ready for magic to come from gang bangers and street thugs, though. And there are a bunch of different gangs around, each with a different magical schtick, which are outlined in the book. It's an interesting premise that I hope to explore sometime in the future. Whether I actually use the rule set or not, it's a good resource. Find it if you can. has two reviews (1, 2) and a couple of threads on it (3, 4).

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  1. Sounds a bit weird, but I would still be willing to try it out if I had a copy.


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