Friday, January 7, 2011

[My Collection] Fiasco

Billed as the Coen Brothers RPG, Fiasco has a fine following, especially gaining a boost after Wil Wheaton plugged it from GenCon 2010 via Twitter.

I was meaning to pick it up before all the hoop-la from Wil and have still to read it but I took a look recently over at the Bully Pulpit website at all the playsets for the game: WWII, Elizabethan England, Alaska, post-Civil War, and more. I'm definitely going to download them all! has only two reviews (1, 2), all good.


  1. Gnome Stew has a full and positive review too. I like the look of this, especially for the simplicity.

  2. Fiasco is totally awesome and I can't wait to get a chance to run it. I've been thinking about writing a Playset for pre-Black Sox Scandal crooked baseball after watching the Ken Burns' Baseball episode on the era.

  3. You know, titleing (I am not using titling for this even if that is the way the word is spelled.) a post something like that makes people think that there's been some sort of fire, or possibly a flood, that wiped out your collection of games.

  4. Porky: I'll check out Gnome Stew's review.

    Jamie: A 1919 World Series-esque scandal playset would be awesome.

    C'nor: Gygax Forbid!


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