Saturday, January 8, 2011

[Hi Tech] The Puke Pistol

The PK-27, aka the "Puke" Pistol, is a short-range sonic weapon used by private security and police units to disable evil-doers and security threats in a non-lethal way.

PK-27 Sonic Pistol
Range: 5/10/20
Damage: victim makes Vigor check at -2 or be Shaken. A roll of 1, no matter the Wild Die roll, results in a level of Fatigue and causes the victim to "lose their lunch" and other bodily functions.
RoF: 1
Cost: 150
Weight: 2
Shots: 10
Notes: AP 2; sealed, rigid armor protects against any damage.


  1. Nice looking upgrade to the PPP10 and family!

  2. It's the "other bodily functions" part that gets me.

  3. Amusing picture selection, I recognized the Deer Gun right away Its not not a bad weapon for Savage Worlds either

  4. Glad you folks like it. Figured a good sf gun would be of interest.

    I feel sorry for the poor security guard that has to clean up the "other bodily functions."


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