Saturday, September 4, 2010

[Savage Worlds] Urban Fantasy Game, Episode Final

MW returned with the last installment of the Urban Fantasy game. CM played Bruce Archer, a Troll of CS's PC Don Ling's acquaintance, IL ran the grave-touched Steve Smith, CB was Natasha Ambrosius the Urban Scholar, GM played Conroy Sutcliff, CR ran Phyllis Norg the Troll, and I was Nick English, Private Eye, who had for the past adventures explained away any fae or supernatural event by blaming high technologies or new electronic devices (most likely made by the Japanese). BB was unable to attend the game and has some scheduling conflicts for a few future games, so his PC teenage cat burglar Tom Steele was run as an NPC. Hopefully we'll see him back soon.

The night started out with a recap of the previous sessions. The group were returning home after a sci-fi con and ran into some Redcaps beating a homeless man. The man turned out to be an antique bookseller named Milo, who also was a "boon" or "gift" for the Winter Court from the Summer Court. Over the course of the next few days, the group fought some Redcaps, got shot at, tracked down and killed an assassin in a swank hotel, met up with a noble fae who wanted the "boon" in the Faerie lands, went into a bus tunnel and got attacked by gargoyles, found some clues about a disgraced house of Faerie and all around made trouble for themselves and others.

The session started with the PCs returning to Don Ling's domain and some guests awaited them. From the street, we saw the apartment lights on and people, most likely trolls, moving about. In a pincher move that went smashingly, we descended on the apartment and walked straight into the Queen of the Summer Court, waiting for us to chat.

Don Ling took remembered that the Queen had red hair and the woman he made a bargain with in the Fae lands was a blond. Realizing that he had made a really bad error, he waived the rest of the PCs off attacking to find out what was going on. Milo, it turned out, had been grabbed during the tunnel fight and replaced with an animated bundle of sticks. The blond Fae was well beyond our means to handle and the Queen offered to "keep her busy while you recover that which you lost!"

It wasn't really a request.

Nick walked up to the Queen and tossed her his business card - "Just in case you need a P.I. sometime, lady. I work cheap but get results." That got the rest of the PCs in a dither as one doesn't talk to the Summer Queen in such a manner but She smiled at him and took the card.

Bruce the Troll grabbed the stick Milo and said "let's beat him until he turns into a bundle of sticks!" Nick tried to stop him but got knocked out (and missed the transformation from human into sticks) but the rest of the group was "treated" to the screams of pain from stick boy as the troll's meaty fists smashed into him.

We trooped off to Wal-Mart and armed up, buying a variety of shotguns, flare guns and other tools (my PC managed to pick up a box of "Holy Cross" 9mm ammo for his Glock - +2 to damage against supernatural creatures - all for the price of a Bennie).

Entering the Fae lands through the Wal-Mart changing room mirror, we found ourselves outside an ancient house with a bunch of standing stones in the way. We battled Gargoyles all the way, fighting through them, until we made it to the house.

Kicking open the doors, we heard the sounds of dragons fighting (or having sex, we couldn't decide which) further in, so we ransacked the library. Through some clues, the group found the book that Milo had been transformed into and smashed a window to escape.

Nick, however, had other plans. Hanging back, he waited until the rest of the group had escaped via the window and then he went searching for the "dragons." In the ballroom of the house, he found them. The Summer Queen was fighting a dragon controlled by the blond Fae.

Nick saw the dragon as some sort of Japanese animatronic machine controled by the blond so he took a shot at her. Did really well, too, but somehow she had a force shield protecting her - probably another Japanese invention. She smiled and wagged her finger, "bad, bad boy" style, at him.

So Nick took a shot at the dragon. The first shot hit but didn't do any appreciable damage to the beast. Taking careful aim, he put his second shot right in the brain pan, killing it instantly. (In the combat, I had gotten the Joker that round, plus I rolled two aces to get a 17 to hit!).

MW said "Write Dragonslayer on your character sheet." Amusing since Nick explained away every single bit of the supernatural events of the game by any means possible - a dragonslayer who didn't believe in dragons!

Blowing off the smoke from his gun, Nick calmly turned around and said "Take that bitch to town, Red" and left the Summer Queen to her toils.

The session ended with the party back at Don Ling's apartment, walking through the front door to be met by the Summer Queen. We had dinner, Nick seated at her right and Don at her left, and what appeared to be the blond Fae as our waitress. CS tried to seduce the blond Fae but a series of rolls and bennies spent had Don waking up on his couch with a blinding headache and Nick with the blond in Don's bedroom!

A good time was had by all. Whether we return to the Urban Fantasy campaign remains to be seen. Figuring that we'd not get back to it, I had planned on Nick going out in a blaze of glory, totally expecting to be squashed like a bug - but coming out on top, with a dragonslayer reputation as well as becoming a favorite of the Summer Queen!

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