Monday, September 20, 2010

[Characters] Bon Chance Louie

"Bon Chance" Louie, Jake Cutter and Corky in the Monkey Bar

"Bon Chance" Louie ("Good Luck" Louie) is a character from the 1980s T.V. show The Tales of the Gold Monkey (my post here). He's a perfect NPC for a Pulp adventure game, including my Distinguished Flying Cross campaign.

Louie, no last name given, is the French Magistrate for French Maravillas (French Polynesia), on the Island of Boragora. He's also the local doctor and bar owner of the Monkey Bar. He's suave, has no problem "charming" other men's wives with his sophisticated ways, and rather shifty.

During the course of the T.V. show, he revealed some interesting things about his past:
  • He was sentenced to death in France for an unrevealed crime. But released after the guillotine jammed. He wears a scarf around his neck and never removes it (episodes Pilot, Last Chance Louie).
  • He served in the French Foreign Legion at Fort Zinderneuf in the Sahara, fighting the Tuaregs and witnessed a Viking Funeral (ala Beau Geste) (episodes Black Pearl, Last Chance Louie).
  • He climbed Mount Everest with George Mallory in 1924 but was separated from him on the mountain (episode Legends are Forever).
  • He served some time in prison on Devil's Island (episodes Shanghaied, Ape Boy).
  • He was First Mate of the SS Normandie, a French luxury liner which entered service in 1935 (episode God Save The Queen).
  • He performed a number of autopsies in the medical profession (episode The Sultan of Swat).
  • He's a good poker player (episode High Stakes Lady) with few tells.
  • He negotiated the Treaty of Versailles (well, not him alone) (episode Cooked Goose).
  • Fought in WWI and was left for dead after a battle in 1918 (episode Last Chance Louis).
Whether any of them are true or not isn't the point, but that he's got a colorful past that makes for a great NPC.

"Bon Chance" Louie

Agility d8 Smarts d6 Spirit d8 Strength d6 Vigor d8
Parry 5, Pace 6, Toughness 6, Charisma +2.

Hindrances: Wanted (M), Habit: dallying with other men's wives, Loyal.

Edges: Charismatic, Rich, Strong Willed, Luck, Great Luck, Connections (High and Low), Thief, Alertness.

Skills: Shooting d8, Fighting d6, Boating d6, Climbing d6, Gambling d10, Intimidation d6+2, Knowledge (Crime) d6, Streetwise d8, Persuasion d8, Lockpicking d6, Stealth d6, Notice d6+2, Healing , Taunt d4+2.

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