Friday, September 3, 2010

[Resources] Brandenburg Gate

Built between 1788 and 1791, the Brandenburg Gate is an enduring symbol of Germany and a damn cool edifice. Formerly a city gate, one of 18 around the city, the original construction from the 1730s was replaced with the current structure (which recently was refurbished in 2002) and it's the only remaining one in Berlin. It's got 5 passageways with six pairs of Doric columns, supporting a structure with a four-horse chariot driven by the Roman Goddess Victoria. The outermost passageways were where the commoners entered and exited the city, while the innermost central passage were reserved for royalty.

With over 200 years of history, including Napoleon capturing the chariot, Prussia taking it back, a symbol of Nazi Germany during WWII, and the Berlin Wall during the Cold War, and the fall of Communism, the Gate has a ton of possibilities for gaming, across all those years. And it's also useful in a fantasy setting because it's just so darn impressive.

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