Monday, November 1, 2010

[Vids] Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and 2

Over the top, bloodily cartoonish at times but still very fun, Kill Bill: Volume 1 and 2 are excellent vid resources for gamers.

Heck, the Crazy 88s and O-Ren Ishii scenes are worth the time to watch Volume 1. The storyline of "what the Hell happens next" is worth watching Volume 2.

All in all, a great pair of movies of fun revenge.


  1. Volume 1 is one of my all time favorite movies, easily in my top 10. I've always wanted a wall full of katanas, just like Hattori Hanzo.

    Ed Green

  2. I have found that I like PARTS of these movies; but can't watch the whole thing in one sitting. I wonder how well these would have gone over as a series on say - AMC or USA?

  3. My only problem is the final showdown with Bill. I wanted a grandiose sword-kung-fu-pithy-quip-laden battle. I wanted all of the other fight scenes to pale in comparison. I wanted The Bride to finally get her blood revenge on this villain she's pursued. Instead, we get a few swipes, a bit of a fight, and she uses the Five Points Exploding Heart Technique. That's *IT*?!?! I was horribly let down by how anti-climatic it was. (Although the Superman talk beforehand was cool.)

  4. Yes, I agree that the final battle was slightly disappointing but the drama that played out with the kid in the room was pretty cool.

    Maybe I can get a screen capture of the wall of katanas for one of my games.


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