Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[Resources] The Tang!

Need a cool floating lair for your super-villain? Want him rich, look sleek and be environmentally conscious? Look no farther than The Tang!

A large luxury yacht, this 60 foot "green energy" catamaran is made of carbon fiber and powered by wind propellers under the sail which turn twin E Motion 18 KW permanent magnet motors, charging 144 volts of Li-ion batteries and (for backup when in the doldrums) twin 22KW diesel generators.

Developed by International Battery and Electric Marine Propulsion, this yacht is currently in testing but will be officially unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2011.

What weapon and security systems and faceless henchmen on board are up to you.


  1. Awesome!

    We have a guy that my company works with who sends in crazy last-minute requests. He is an asian guy with the last name "Tang". So whenever someone gets nailed by his zany requests, we say "you got tanged!".

  2. At work, I get tech emails and this was one of them (along with the Skylifter post a week or so ago). I love this sort of stuff, as it gives a modern or near future setting some pretty cool tech to describe/utilize.

    I'll have to remember the "you got tanged" especially when the PCs face and are (initially) defeated by the big bad and his cool ship, the Tang!


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