Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 2, Part 3

Session Two: Part 3: "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" (March 29, 2104)

Important People: James (S), Bill (X), Bob (E), Alexis (C)

Important NPCs: Robbie the PolRob, Nasdaq the Robot, Miles Dayton, Rich Johnson, Amanda Hayes, John Ritter, and many SecRobs.

The Group decides that the first order of business should be to start the Main University Reactor located in the Physics Building. Printing a hard copy of the start up sequence at strtupseqnce.doc on the Anderson Stuart mainframe computer, the Group collects equipment necessary to succeed on their mission. Figuring that the Physics Building might not have power, they acquire a electrical generator and the necessary fuel. Then, with their equipment loaded into their Land Rover vehicle (including Robbie the PolRob and Nasdaq the Robot), they exit the bunker via the vehicle lift and drive to the Physics Building.

The Physics Building is only a few blocks away from the Anderson Stuart Building. Looking around the campus, the Group notices several building have been either destroyed or have combat damage or are intact but lack electricity. The Physics Building has some combat damage - a few holes made by 20mm auto-cannon rounds, as well as some machine gun rounds, have damaged a section of the building. Additionally, the Physics Building has no electricity.

The Group park their Land Rover at the loading dock of the building and leave Robbie to guard the vehicle. Entering the building, James takes the lead with the rest of the Group following after, including Nasdaq.

Doing a quick search of the first floor of the Physics Building, they encounter several SecRobs, who challenge the Group with a "Halt Citizen, Present your Authorization." James displays his Silver/2 Military Key Card and the SecRobs say "Carry On" and continue their patrols. Several times the Group encounters SecRobs on patrol and each time are challenged. James displays his Key Card each time and the Group is left alone.

Bob finds a visitor's map of the Physics Building and the Group seeks out the Security Station on the First Floor. There, they find a bunch of SecRobs in a room similar to the First Floor Security Office in the Anderson Stuart Bunker. In addition to the operational SecRobs (which come and go on patrol), there are about five damaged/inoperatable SecRobs, and some police equipment, mostly Riot Shields and a limited amount of ammunition.

Believing that the Main Reactor control room is somewhere below the Physics Building, the Group searches several stairwells, and determine that the one nearest to the loading dock leads to the Main Reactor. They travel down the stairs to Sub-basement One and find an un-powered security door that leads to Sub-basement Two and another to Sub-basement One offices and labs. Also in the stairwell are security domes, which the Group figures contain the camera/laser coax. While Bill and Alexis set up the generator to power the Sub-basement Two security door, James and Bob take apart the nearest two security domes. They remove the camera/laser coax without damaging them because they believe that the soon-to-be booted security program may fire on the Group. Once the generator is up and running, Bill pops open the security door Key Card panel and re-routes the power to the generator.

Bill works on powering the security Key Card panel (with Nasdaq kibitzing over his shoulder) and gets it to work. They open the security door with the Violet/1 Civilian Key Card and then shut the power off when the door is fully open.

Entering the Sub-basement Two stairwell, the Group finds that it contains steps down to another two security doors - one to Sub-basement Three (titled "Main Reactor: Authorized Personnel Only") and another to the Sub-basement Two offices and labs.

Again, while Bill and Alexis set up the generator, James and Bob take apart the nearest two security domes. As Bob is moving equipment down the stairs, he hears a strange skittering noise. He tells James about it and they both pause to listen, but don't hear it any further.

Again, Bill (with Nasdaq kibitzing) powers the security Key Card panel and they open the security door, leaving it open again by shutting off the power.

Continuing down the stairs, the Group enters a long hallway (about 200 yards) that ends in yet another un-powered security door. While they are walking down the hall, several of them hear the skittering sound again and James goes back down the hall to the stairs to find out what it is. He doesn't find anything.

Again, the Group sets up the generator and disables the local security domes. Bill, getting better at it with Nasdaq still kibitzing, opens the door to the Main Reactor room foyer. Three un-powered security doors lead off the foyer: one to "Security," one to "Main Control Room," and the last to "Physics Building Mainframe Computer."

Opening the "Security" door, the Group finds a small armory as well as six un-powered SecRobs (three of which are plugged into wall sockets - Bob unplugs them). Behind the "Physics Building Mainframe Computer" door, they find the Physics Building's Mainframe. And the "Main Control Room" door opens into the Reactor control room. After discussing their plan, James and Bill return to the First Floor Physics Building Security Station, in case starting up the reactor and mainframe cause any security "problems." Bob, Alexis and Nasdaq remain in the Control Room to start the Reactor.

Initial start-up powers the security doors and other systems in the Main Reactor room foyer, as well as the Security office, the Mainframe room and the Main Control Room (and security door power returns to the Security Office).

Bob begins the start-up sequence, following the list from the strtupseqnce.doc file.

End Session Two.


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