Thursday, November 11, 2010

[Aftermath!] GURPS Operation Morpheus, Session 3, The Cut Scenes

Tuesday Night Sessions - GURPS Aftermath! Operation Morpheus Session 3 (October 21, 2003)

Session Three: "Start Me Up" (March 29 - April 1, 2104)

Cut Scene: The Computer System: In a darkened room, a large mainframe computer is working away. On many monitors around the room are images flashing too fast for the human eye. On one monitor is a view of the University defense perimeter. A group of peasants are being forced by gunpoint into the defense perimeter by a group of knights and men-at-arms wearing the heraldry of the Duchy of Sydney. The knights and men-at-arms stay well away from the defense perimeter. The automated defenses efficiently kill the peasants with minimum expenditure of ammunition. Then the defenses open up for a full 60 seconds with full auto fire - 50 caliber machine gun, 20 mm autocannon, and mortar support - on the group of knights and men-at-arms, cutting them down in a violent hail of lead.

Cut Scene: Mount Steele Castle: Duke William asks for the results of several probes into the downtown area. His generals say that no communiqués have come yet. He turns back to the map of Sydney and studies it.

Cut Scene: The Loonies: Again this group of people are acting totally insane. Around their main base, which looks to be like a large hospital building, probably built in the 1980s, are vicious traps, pungi stick pits and other cunning defenses. In the evening, the unknown creatures attack the lunatics, cutting them down, bypassing their defenses and burning their crops and village in an orgy of blood and death. Though the lunatics fight back, with spears, guns and swords, they are overwhelmed and the results of this slaughter is the complete bloody and violent death of each of these crazy people.

Cut Scene: Domain Commune: Representative from the Scouts Commune meet with members of the Domain Council. Scout council members Tim Johnson, Matt Fu and Ken Wilcox speak of trade and defense cooperation with Domain council members Gale Norman, Robert Weale, and Chris Damitio. The recent hostilities with the Duchy of Sydney are also discussed.

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