Sunday, November 14, 2010

[Game Groups] The Red Box Network

UPDATED 11/15: The Red Box Network are (currently) SIX groups of gamers that stretch from New York to Vancouver, B.C., and from Texas to Calgary, AB, with Philly and Niagara, Ont. in between, all with the desire to play the 1981 "Red Box" Erol Otis Cover D&D (considered the 8th printing and 2nd edition of the basic game according to that excellent D&D online resource

Started in 2008 by gamers in New York to pay respect to the recently passed Gary Gygax (1), the Red Box Network grew to include 3 chapters in Canada, 1 in Pennsylvania and 1 in Texas. If you are nearby one of these chapters, they game at least once a month (check their schedule).


  1. I never heard of these guys before. Of course, I am a complete noob

  2. I'm sorely tempted to see if my local area would support a chapter.

  3. Don't forget us!

  4. Also Red Box Philly!

    You can read some thoughts about the Red Box approach in this Escapist article.
    - Tavis

  5. Thanks for the info and the post is updated.


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