Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Resources] Gandalf defeated the Spanish Armada!

According to a 2004 poll, 6% of British youth between 16 and 24 believe Gandalf defeated the Spanish Armada.

That is really cool. What if Gandalf showed up and changed the face of history? What if you mixed the Lord of the Rings and Elizabeth: The Golden Age?


  1. And so the Great Armada sailed its hungry eyes upon the shores of England.

    Suddenly in the darkest hour arose the last hope, Wizard, Istari, Englishman. Gandalf!

    He's here, He's here the crowd cried.

    Spanish cannons howled, spit fire like dragons breath.

    "Fly You Fools" the old Wizard yelled and then as the fleet sailed into view de Guzmán howled and thrashed his whip.

    Galdalf smashed hi staff into he ground "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

  2. Very cool.

    I think the Spanish Ambassador is a Nazgul!


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