Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: Arlington Hall

Arlington Hall ("The Mercs")

Location: Arlington Hall Station (US Army), Alexandria, VA. South of Arlington Boulevard (US Highway 50) between S George Mason Drive and S Glebe Road (State Route 120), down to Columbia Pike (SR 244).

Population: 500
Military Strength: 350
Military Resources: 7 M60A3 Main Battle Tanks, 5 M4A4E8 Sherman Tanks, 3 M113 FSV, 4 M113 APCs and 2 M3A1 Halftracks. Large arsenal of small arms and ammunition.

Treaties: FFA, Treaty Hospital, The Weather Boys, Pentagon

Enemies: Mennonites, Skinheads

Resources: Extensive military resources, including weaponry and supplies. They do some farming in the area around Arlington Hall. Operates large groups of scavengers in the northwest D.C.

Trade: Trades mainly in non-weapon military equipment and technological salvage.

General Reaction: +0

Background: The survivors are former US Army personnel stationed at Arlington Hall before the Ruin. They are mercenary military company that has good relations with the Pentagon but are independent of it. They are allied with several Free Companies, usually former members of the community that have close ties.

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