Thursday, May 13, 2010

[Aftermath!] The D.C. Campaign: The WPRC

The Washington Peoples Revolutionary Commune ("Commies")

Location: Landover Hills, Hyattsville, MD. Territory stretches from Landover Road (State Route 202) up to Veterans Parkway (SR 410), between Baltimore Washington Parkway (SR 295) and John Hanson Highway (UW Highway 50), including Capital Plaza Mall Shopping Center, Landover Hills Neighborhood Park and Glenridge Recreation Center.

Population: 450
Military Strength: 150
Military Resources: One old and heavily combat damaged M113 APC. Some small arms but mostly crossbows and hand weapons.

Treaties: None.

Enemies: Everyone, especially the Agency.

Resources: Unknown.

Trade: Does not trade with other communities.

General Reaction: -20.

Background: The Communists are a danger in the metropolitan area. They are totally insular, avoiding contact with any of the other communities except to fight. The Pentagon managed to defeat them soundly after they met in pitched battle over a decade ago. Since then, the commies have been limiting their raids to other communities. Large raiding parties scour the city for loot and slaves, fighting anyone they come across. Most everyone believe that the commune is slave-based, just another of the reasons most people hate them. The commune does not support any Free Companies.

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