Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Blogs] Grognardia's Moon Pool

I've been reading James Maliszewski's paean to Old School Grognardia over the past year or so and I really enjoy his style.

Recently, he wrote about a magical pool: The Moon Pool. Ever since B1: In Search of the Unknown, I've been a fan of mysterious pools that do strange things.

This is one pool that I'm going to use, oh, yes.


  1. Love the Pool Room in B1, have had lots of fun with that module and room over the years!

  2. B1 is in my top three "firsts" for D&D - B1, B2 and T1. All excellent modules that I played as a new gamer, all with evocative settings and mystery and fun. All where my 1st level character was tested (and sometimes killed) and all which are the type of retro that I want to get back to when I play Labyrinth Lord.


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