Monday, May 17, 2010

[My Collection] Everway

I've got two copies of Everway, both of them gotten at a really, really cheap price. I think I paid $4 for one of them. I also have the Spherewalker Sourcebook and a box of the Spherewalker Source Cards.

There are a bunch of reviews for Everway (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and a couple for the Spherewalker Sourcebook (1, 2).

Someone on started a thread about using Everway for Dr. Who. An interesting read. And someone came up with some magic rules for it as well.

You can find more stuff on the Everweb (the oldest unofficial Web site dedicated to Everway) and (in a somewhat in a similar vein) Planewalker.


  1. The best part of Everway for me are the character sheets. Colour photocopy them and use them with the game and mechanics of your choice (Everway chargen plus WW dice pools = awesomesauce)

  2. That's another one I regret not ever playing. One of these days I want to give the middle finger to responsibility and instead play all the games I never got around to.

  3. My group in college used Everway as the engine to run all sorts of derivative genre games...superheroes, Firefly, Star Wars. We made custom fortune decks for each genre, with phrases on the cards drawn from each universe. Glorious system...I'll play it again one day, I'm sure.

  4. Vincent,

    I'd be interested in learning more. How do you use the character generation with White Wolf's dice pools?


    Someday, I'll be down in So-Cal to visit my brothers so I'll bring my box and we'll play!


    Any notes on your Everway games? Post 'em somewhere!


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