Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Dresden Files] Hollywoodland

When I get my actual physical copies of the Dresden Files RPG, I want to be ready with a campaign. But what's it going to be about? Where is it going to be set? Hmmm.

Reading through wikipedia one day a few weeks ago, I happened upon an article on Fritz Lang, a famous movie director. That lead me to think what a cool setting Hollywood would be, especially if set pre-/during World War II.

Each of the various factions would be present, from the White Court Vampires to the Red, some of the Fae, the White Council and some werewolves, mixing it up with studio heads, directors, producers, screenwriters, politicians, gangsters, stars and starlets and wanna-be's - in the studios, on the casting couch, in the bars and hotels, on the lot, in the jails - Los Angeles, full of the violence, the magic, and the wine, women and song.

Hollywoodland, 1939 ... yeah!


  1. Back when I did Such Things, I thought it'd be fun to run a Changeling: the Dreaming game set in 1930s Hollywood. This is not to say that your idea is not original; rather, I like the idea and hope you get to do it.

  2. C:tD in 1930s Hollywood would be cool. Did you ever come up with any notes? I'd love to see them!


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