Sunday, February 7, 2010

[My Collection] I Collect Games

In addition to being a table-top role-playing gamer, I also collect role-playing games.

I think it is necessary to separate the two hobbies, because playing something is distinctly different from collecting something.

While I think it is possible to be a gamer without collecting games, it seems most collectors are also frustrated gamers - unable to find enough time for all the gaming they want to do in their lives due to family, work and social obligations, they resort to reading about it to get that "gaming fix."

Unfortunately, there are some collectors who believe that those gamers who don't collect are "casual gamers" and this isn't the truth. Apples and oranges, totally in my opinion.

I think the bad part of collecting large amounts of games is the chance of actually running or playing one of them rapidly approaches zero.

And the good part of collecting large amounts of games is the reading and imagining and thoughts of pulling that bit into your next session or seeing how that sub-system works in another game.

But if you collect, then available space, money and spousal ire are also to be considered. Every time a new box from Amazon, Noble Knight or Lulu shows up, I keep telling the gf that at least I don't collect miniatures!

So far this year, she's busted my chops about collecting, mainly along the lines of "you need to admit you have a problem before you can heal" sort of gentle ribbing.

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