Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[Duty & Honour] Private Dearmond McNeb

Private Dearmond McNeb
Player: XO
(Irish, Protestant, Farmer, Redcoat Rifleman)
11th Queens Own Rifles

Experiences: 4 (3 background/1 military)

Guts 7
Discipline 6
Influence 1
Charm 1

Skills: Awareness +3, First Aid +1, Profession (Brewing) +4, Profession (Carpentry) +6, Quartermaster +1, Riding +4, Soldiering +3

Wealth: 0, Halter/bit (+1 Riding), Tools (+2 Carpentry), Fancy Yeast (+1 Brewing)

Reputations: Institutional (Rank & File) +2, Institutional (11th Queens Own Rifles) +3, Institutional (Orange Order Ulstermen) +1

Traits: Illiterate, Chosen Man, Is But A Scratch Sir, Under the Lash, 2nd Language (Gaelic).

Private McNeb was raised in Ireland as a farmer. Being Protestant, he sided with the Ulster Orangemen against the Irish Republican Brotherhood, not wanting Ireland to become a Papist state.

After leaving Ireland under some *ahem* unusual circumstances, he joined the 11th Queens Own Rifles and before long found himself in Spain. Wherever he went, though, his skills with carpentry and brewing have put him in good stead. He provides the rest of the regiment with quality booze (and even better booze for select officers).

(XO stated he was going to make the most useless private he possibly could. Unfortunately, during character creation, time and time again he drew cards that made McNeb more and more competent, eliciting a cry of "God dammit!" each time. Therefore, he sunk all the possible points he gained into brewing and carpentry. Who thinks that at some point in the adventure he'll have to repair a bridge?)

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