Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[Duty & Honour] Lieutenant Cornelius Vanderbottom

Lieutenant Cornelius Vanderbottom
Player: CM
(English, Protestant, Noble, Redcoat Engineer)
11th Queens Own Rifles

Experiences: 4 (3 background/1 military)

Guts 4
Discipline 3
Influence 3
Charm 3

Skills: Command +1, Courtesy +2, Diplomacy +2, Engineering +3, First Aid +2, Haggle +1, Maritime +1, Quartermaster +1, Riding +1, Siege +2, Skulduggery +2, Soldiering +4.

Wealth: 4, Pistol (+1 Dueling)

Reputations: Personality (Major Orwell) +1, Personality (General Worthington) +3, Personality (Quartermaster Jonathan) +2, Institutional (Officers Mess) +2, Institutional (11th Queens Own Rifles) +1, Institutional (Church of England) +1, Institutional (Freemasons) +2.

Traits: Literate, Dualist x2, Educated, Family Ties, Sailor, Officer Patron (General Worthington)

Young Cornelius grew up wealthy and noble, but was a troublemaker. In school, he cheated and stole from fellow students but maintained good contacts. His dueling behavior was legendary and his sharp temper caused no end of trouble. He was a rake and a cad, though still enough of a gentlemen.

His father couldn't be bothered to properly cane the boy so he was sent as a junior officer on a small merchant vessel. The trouble continued until his father managed to get him off the ship and into the military. Maybe war and the 11th Queens Own Rifles will straighten out this wayward rascal.

He's used to the lower classes following his orders but only seems competent because of his sergeant. So far on this mission to San Sebastian, he's managed to stay alive and seems to be in charge, but the privates are thinking he's going to get them killed in some stupid, useless way.

(The player, CM, is the youngest member of the Corvis Monkey Troupe and has been playing this character quite well. From character generation to actual play, he's successfully made the other PCs dislike him and his orders. One of the other players asked if this game was a one-shot and I responded with "plan on fragging your officer?" which resulted in an answering grin).

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