Monday, February 15, 2010

[Characters] Thistle Green, Talking Boar of Narnia

A while ago, I ran a Savage Worlds Forgotten Realms campaign where creatures and characters from other settings mixed together to try to save the Realms. I mentioned it in my One Thousand and One Nights and One Night RPG Campaign Design 'zine (Issue #16 to be precise) a few years ago.

Here's one of the PCs from that game:

Thistle Green
Narnian Talking Boar
Player: TE

[1] Agility d8
[0] Smarts d6
[2] Spirit d8
[1] Strength d10
[1] Vigor d10

Arcane Background (Talking Beast of Narnia)
[1st Adv] Brawny
[2nd Adv] Quick

Vow [M]
All Thumbs [m]
Ugly [m]

[6] Raise Trait: Strength (self) Level 3
[6] Raise Trait: Vigor (self) Level 3
[2] Raise Trait: Agility (self) Level 1
[2] Raise Trait: Smarts (self) Level 1
[2] Attack, melee, 2D6
[2] Hard to Kill

[3] Fighting d8
[3] Guts d8
[2] Notice d6
[3] Stealth d8
[2] Tracking d6
[1] Survival d4
[1] Gambling d4

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