Saturday, February 13, 2010

[My Collection] Heroic Worlds

Heroic Worlds by Lawrence Schick (published by Prometheus Books, New York, 1991) is the most comprehensive book on role-playing games. It lists all RPG games and supplements produced from 1973 to 1991, in an easily read format, divided into genres and alphabetical by system. Each game is described by format (box set, hardback, etc), page count, system, publisher and a brief description of the game or supplement itself. It is the reference source for any serious game collector.

I have two copies of Heroic Worlds, one I bought when the book was new, the other I found cheap a few years ago in a Half Price Books. When I find something online published before 1992, I pull it out and make a more informed decision about purchasing it. Personally, I'd buy a part II (1991 to present) if it ever got produced (slim chance at this point).

If you have a chance to pick one up, I highly recommend it.

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