Saturday, February 6, 2010

[Duty & Honour] Private MacTaggart

Private Graeme MacTaggart
Player: MW
(Scottish, Protestant, Criminal, Redcoat Rifleman)
11th Queens Own Rifles

Experiences: 5 (4 background/1 military)

Guts 6
Discipline 2
Influence 5
Charm 2

Skills: Awareness +4, First Aid +1, Gambling +1, Haggle +1, Intimidate +2, Quartermaster +1, Scavange +4, Skulduggery +6, Soldiering +4

Wealth: 0, Lockpicks (+1 Skulduggery), Brass Knuckles (+1 Intimidate), Multi-Shot Rifle (+1 Combat).

Reputations: Personality (Angus Byrne, Edinburough Crime Lord) +1, Institutional (Rank & File) +2, Institutional (11th Queens Own Rifles) +1

Traits: Illiterate, Blameless, Crack Shot x2, Scoundrel, Chosen Man, Swimming.

Private MacTaggart is a thief and a damn good one. Hailing from Edinburough, Scotland, he made quite a name for himself, doing a lot of skulduggery, even getting in good with a crime lord. Unfortunately, he got busted and given the choice: take the King's shilling or end up in Australia or the Prison Hulks - he chose the army.

During his first campaing, he managed to get a multi-shot rifle and the skills to use it. He's alive, and still thieving, mainly because he can and he rarely gets blamed. He's one of the few in the company who can actually swim, which he learned to get away from trouble. Maybe he'll swim out to that boat there and take a look around ....

(MW, the player of MacTaggart, made a complete and competent thief and did quite well during the character generation. During the game, MacTaggart got some good personality quirks, especially in his dealings with the green lieutenant. If somebody's going to kill that bastard Vanderbottom, it'll probably be MacTaggart)

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  1. I've been on such a modern/near-modern game kick lately. The characters - if done well - can be so believable, which aids in immersion. I think that you can really get into guys like MacTaggart. They don't feel like cookie cutter stereotypes.

    A thought: If someone broke the pretty Lt.'s nose, then maybe he would be ugly enough to get a promotion?


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