Monday, February 8, 2010

[In the Game] Boardgame Night

My friend KM and his wife A invited the gf and myself over for a boardgame night on Saturday. We joined in with two other couples, T & C and D & R, as well as KM's co-worker M. We brought some tasty snax and played two games of You Must Be An Idiot (R&R Games), with the gf and I on the same team. This boardgame was very interesting and fun, very much so that I am interested in buying it.

The board has boxes numbering from 0 to 40, as well as colored boxes (red, blue, green, yellow, white and purple) for each of the player teams and each team has three colored plastic markers. One marker is used to travel on the board and the other two are used to vote during each turn.

The game starts on box 10 and one player team draws a red question card. The other teams are issued a blue personality card, which shows a variety of pictures (ballerina, pig farmer, astronomer, hippie, ice queen, & etc) or a picture of person holding a sign that says "I'm an idiot." If you get that idiot card, you purposefully have to flub up the answer to the question; otherwise, you have to answer the question to the best of your ability.

The red question card has 5 or so questions, from simple to complex, one of which is read to the group. Each team writes down the answer and when everyone is ready, each team answers the question. If they get the answer correctly (assuming you have a non-idiot card), the team reveals their blue personality card and moves ahead 2 spaces. If they get the answer wrong, then they do not reveal their personality card and the voting beings. If you accidentally get the answer right when you are an idiot, you gain no benefit (that happened at least once during the game).

Each team can vote whether two other teams are idiots. You don't have to vote at all but the risk is worth the reward, sometimes. After everyone votes, each remaining personality card is revealed, one at a time. If you discover an idiot, you gain two spaces. If you incorrectly accuse a non-idiot of being an idiot, you move back one space and the team you accused moves ahead one space. If you are an idiot and you remain undiscovered, you move ahead THREE spaces.

Then the next team asks the next question and the game continues until there are no more blue personality cards to draw. The team with the highest points, wins!

Part of the fun was trying to spoof the other players into thinking you were an idiot when you really weren't (which happened quite frequently). There was a lot of gags, raised eyebrows, and verbal assessing whether this person or that person was an idiot or just faking.

We had a good time, got to meet some new and friendly people and play a game with good food and drink. All around, a very enjoyable evening.

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