Friday, February 12, 2010

[Duty & Honour] 11th Queens Own Rifles

11th Queens Own Rifles (Fictional)
Commander in Chief: The Queen
Barracks: Surrey

Player Battalion: 3rd
Player Company: 3rd

Commanding Officer:
  • Col. Lord Shaftington (Sound tactically [+], Martinet [-])
Officers of Note:
  • Major Geo. Orwell (Protects/Cares For the Troops [+], Opium Addict [-])
  • Captain Norris "North" Southington (Excellent Sense of Direction [+], Treats Lower Classes as the Scum they Are [-])
  • Lieutenant Eugene Simmons (Likes Lt. Vanderbottom [+], Closeted Homosexual [-])
Rank & File of Note:
  • Colour Sergeant Pepper, Regimental Sergeant Major
  • Corporal Pithington (Lazy SOB)
  • Private Tilly, Yeoman
  • Private Reginald (all around scut-boy)
  • On St. Crispin's Day (October 25th), the officers provide their men with scotch whiskey.
  • Each member of the regiment carries a pouch of chalk from a neolithic hillside figure in Surrey.
Battle Honours and Failures:
  • Honour: Battle of Culloden (16 April 1746), during the Jacobite Rising
  • Failure: Battle of Cowpens (17 January 1781), during the American Revolution

Part of the process with making characters for Duty and Honour is creating a regiment that they all serve in together. In a sense, the regiment is another character for the PCs to interact with.

The players (with the GM's help) has to come up with all the info above and my players did a wonderful job. There were more stories with this but I don't remember them at this time.

Rest assured, the 11th Queens Own Rifles was memorable during play.

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