Thursday, February 4, 2010

[Duty & Honour] Sergeant Owen

Sergeant Clive Owen
Player: DM
(Welsh, Protestant, Merchant, Redcoat Rifleman)
11th Queens Own Rifles

Experiences: 8 (1 background/7 military)

Guts 4
Discipline 5
Influence 4
Charm 4

Skills: Awareness +4, Command +6, Courtesy +2, Diplomacy +2, First Aid +1, Gambling +2, Haggle +1, Intimidate +1, Quartermaster +4, Riding +1, Romance +2, Soldiering +4

Wealth: 3.

Reputations: Personality (Col. Lord Shaftington) +2, Personality (Lt. Simmons) +1, Institutional (Rank & File) +2, Institutional (11th Queens Own Rifles) +1

Traits: Literate, Disciplinarian, Crack Shot x2, 2nd Language (French), Cosmopolitan, Respect of the Men, Stiff Upper Lip.

Sergeant Owen was raised in a merchant family. After a dalliance with a rich and noble young woman, her father (Col. Lord Shaftington) managed to secure the boy a place in the 11th Queens Own Rifles to keep him out of trouble and away from his daughter.

He's spent most of his life in the army and has fought in many battles, mostly taking part in town sieges (and helped sack two towns, to the enrichment of his purse). He's been a sergeant for a while and recently been assigned to Lieutenant Vanderbottom. It's his job to make sure the muskets get delivered to San Sebastian, the green lieutenant survives (and hopefully gets a few brain cells to rub together) and the rest of the men follow orders.

(The player, DM (father of CM), has managed to run the poor sergeant very well as the intermediary between the privates and the lieutenant, avoiding the excesses of the one to the skulduggery of the others. I expect him to start busting some of the privates' heads in the next session).

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