Saturday, April 30, 2011

[D20] Z is for Zodiac

The Ashford Valley shares the Realms Zodiac, a series of 12 (sometimes 13) signs that roughly correspond with the months (full moons) of the year. The signs begin and end on the 27th of the month.

Why 13 sometimes? Well, on the years that actually have a 13th full moon, that sign is included into the zodiac (and only then), so being born under that sign can be either a boon or a bane.

The twelve signs are:
1. Angwish's Iron Chariot (Latewinter to Storms), Element: Fire, Quality: Leadership.
2. The Ship (Storms to Vernal), Element: Water, Quality: Depth.
3. The Runestone (Vernal to Planting), Element: Earth, Quality: Prudence.
4. The Western Wind (Planting to Flowers), Element: Air, Quality: Expansion.
5. The Great Dragon (Flowers to Summertide), Element: Fire, Quality: Persistence.
6. The Scroll of Lamiel (Summertide to Highsun), Element: Water, Quality: Knowledge.
7. Lucky Tor's Table (Highsun to Leafall), Element: Earth, Quality: Creativity.
8. The King's Scepter (Leafall to Autumnal), Element: Air, Quality: Determination.
9. St. Nobian's Sword (Autumnal to Firstwinter), Element: Fire, Quality: Passion.
10. The Wererat (Firstwinter to Nightal), Element: Water, Quality: Adaptability.
11. The Tree of Life (Nightall to Deepwinter), Element: Earth, Quality: Stabilization.
12. The Key (Deepwinter to Latewiner), Element: Air, Quality: Initiation.

The thirteenth sign is:
13. Lucky Tor's Rolling Dice, (? to ?), Element: Aether, Quality: Change.

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