Saturday, April 9, 2011

[D20] H is for Holy Sword

The Sword of Carolus is an ancient holy sword, forged even before the Ashford Valley was ever settled by humans. It is the first Bugbear Longsword that was consecrated to Angwish the Just. Some histories say that the sword was forged by the god Lamiel the Crafty, but that is often disputed*  by later history.

Over 250 years ago, a young knight of Clifton named Carolus received the ancient weapon from a mysterious stranger, which historians surmise was either Lucky Tor or even the lesser deity, St. Nobian. When he gripped the blade, he was imbued with a bright light and a religious zeal to guard and protect the Valley from danger. Over the next 20 years, he fought in many battles against Bugbears and bandits, keeping the land safe and fulfilling many quests. When a rumor of a dragon in the hills above Tradetown reached Carolus, he sought it out and disappeared into history.

The sword, however, resurfaced in the hands of a bandit chieftain a decade later, who turned to the side of Law, hunting down his former fellows, until, he, too, disappeared. Over the next 200 years, the sword has come and gone, usually vanishing for a dozen years or more after it's bearer takes on a foe more worthy than the holder. Many tales surround the sword, from only the pure may wield it, to the swordsman becomes infused with goodness, no matter their previous position.

The Sword of Carolus is a +1 Holy Longsword (1d8+2**). It can only be wielded by a Lawful person and acts as a Helm of Opposite Alignment for any who attempt to use it that are not originally Lawful. As a holy artifact of the Ashford Valley, the sword is priceless and very recognizable.

*One old story describes how the Bugbears, then a tribe of humans, convinced Lamiel to teach them swordcrafting and for many years were beloved by the god until they embraced Azrael the Evil One. They were cursed to becoming monsters but still retained their sword-making skills.

** The Bugbear Longsword does 1d8+1 damage and the +1 Holy feature adds to have it do 1d8+2 damage total.

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